Friday, December 1, 2017

Women premiers in Canada by time in office and relative political power

I have looked at this a number of times.   A few weeks back we passed nine straight years of at least one woman being a premier in Canada.  

 This is the list by time of the women that have lead governments in Canada

  1. Christy Clark      BC      2319 days Liberal
  2. Eva Aariak         Nunavut 1827 days non-partisan
  3. Kathleen Wynne     Ontario 1755 days Liberal
  4. Nellie Cournoyea   NWT     1469 days non-partisan
  5. Catherine Callbeck PEI     1353 days Liberal
  6. Kathy Dunderdale   NF      1148 days PC
  7. Rachel Notley      Alberta  923 days NDP
  8. Alison Redford     Alberta  898 days PC
  9. Pat Duncan         Yukon    884 days Liberal
  10. Pauline Marois     Quebec   581 days Parti Quebecois
  11. Rita Johnson       BC       217 days Social Credit
  12. Kim Campbell       Federal  132 days PC
Bold=won a general election
Underline=currently in power

Here is the list by person days governed, the number of people multiplied by the days in office.   I do this because I think it is a much better measure of the political impact of each woman
  1. Kathleen Wynne     Ont 23,868,000,000 Lib
  2. Christy Clark      BC  10,435,500,000 Lib
  3. Pauline Marois     Que  4,582,000,000 PQ
  4. Rachel Notley      Ab   3,826,760,000 NDP
  5. Kim Campbell       Fed  3,786,000,000 PC
  6. Alison Redford     Ab   3,273,000,000 PC
  7. Rita Johnson       BC     715,500,000 Socred
  8. Kathy Dunderdale   NL     590,700,000 PC
  9. Catherine Callbeck PEI    149,000,000 Lib
  10. Nellie Cournoyea   NWT     92,000,000 na
  11. Eva Aariak         Nu      58,300,000 na
  12. Pat Duncan         Yk      24,800,000 Lib
When I first looked at this in 2011 Kim Campbell was way up on this list representing more than 70% of the person days on the list.   Now she only represents just over 7% of the person days.  Kathleen Wynne dominates with 45.5% of the person days.

Since 2010 we have moved in Canada from women being only a small footnote in political leadership to a normal and ongoing part.

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