Monday, September 17, 2012

A Stellar List of Endorsements for Donald Galloway running for the Green nomination in Victoria

Donald Galloway is a UVic law professor who is seeking the Green party nomination in the upcoming Victoria federal by-election.   I have to admit I had no idea who he was until he announced he wanted the Green nomination

His endorsements to date are the biggest names anyone interested in this nomination for any party has managed to amass.   His names are not only strong local endorsements, but he has at least three that have to be considered globally significant endorsements.

I had thought that Murray Rankin had sewn up the green community through getting the endorsement of local green oriented people Guy Dauncey and John Fryer.   I did not think it looked good for the Greens but I take that back, with this set of endorsements Donald Galloway will be a very serious threat in the by-election.

Selection of his endorsers:
David Suzuki
Andrew Weaver - one of the top climate scientists in the world
Wade Davis - Explorer in Residence for the National Geographic
William Deverell - one the great mystery writers globally
Farley Mowat - in the top five of Canadian novelists
Ronald Wright - writer and novelist
Lorna Crozier - one of the top poets in Canada
Patrick Lane - another of the top poets in Canada, which if he was in almost any other country in the world he would be a household name


Anonymous said...

This is AWESOME!

I was wondering how the rightists would attack the progressives, and now we know.

The right have finally clued in that they have no legitimacy and no hope of forming government, and so they've decided the best way forward is to 'wedge' the left.

This will be BC's messiest election ever... shame.

David J. A. Foster said...

If Sonya Chandler came back to Victoria she would have a good chance of winning as a Green candidate.