Friday, April 20, 2007

BC Liberals 63 - NDP 16

I was playing around with some figures for Sean Holman of Public Eye and did an analysis of the latest Ipsos political poll for BC. What I can up with was a result that is BC Liberals 63 and NDP 16. You read the details at this link.

In my opinion the NDP is doing this badly because they are boring, bland and visionless. What is their big idea, the vision for the future? Fast ferries were visionary - though in retrospect not a good idea (not all great ideas work out, but without taking risks you will not get any better than a bland status quo). Getting the Olympics is visionary - Glen Clark started that process. Harcourt had a vision for Crown Land Use Planning that was visionary and succeeded.

The NDP needs to come up with something big. Here are some suggestions:
  • Change the focus of healthcare to prevention - walk away from more MRIs and expensive stuff and focus on getting the population in better health
  • Make BC more democratic - electoral reform not only provincially but at the local level. Offer ways to have many more referendums on issues locally and provincially. Make MLAs work with a very loose party whip, make the BC constitution clear and easy to read and hard to change, do not allow the executive (cabinet) to be involved with legislation. And more
  • Embrace privatization and P3s with a gusto never seen elsewhere.

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