Wednesday, February 6, 2008

McCain from Prez

I am beginning to get hopeful that John McCain will win the Republican nomination. I had hoped he would have done better yesterday, but he appeals to the centrists and not to the hardcore social conservatives in the US.

I remember the 2000 presidential election and I was very happy to see Bill Bradley and John McCain doing so well. The two of them would have made for a good race for president and each of them would have made a good president. Why the republicans rallied behind a dumb and inexperienced person like Bush is utterly beyond me. The decision was such a stupid one.

Meanwhile we are in 2008 and McCain is still in it. On the Democrat side I was pulling for Bill Richardson. Obama does not have the experience to be President and Clinton is much too interested in power for power's sake.

Good presidents tend to come from the governor's mansions. They have some real executive experience. Very few US legislators are able to make the leap to the other branch of government. McCain has shown he has the skills to move to the executive.

I have no idea how the election will play out, everyone seems to have written off the Republicans, but there are polls showing McCain can win. I believe he can win because he is a populist that does not pander. He is a leader that speaks for what he believes and sticks with it. Most people will respect that, but most of the people in politics are interested in partisan gain over all else.

John McCain is Mr Smith and he is already in Washington, he now needs to be in the Whitehouse

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