Wednesday, August 27, 2008

UBC ESM to open soon

Hello Bernard,

Tom Ross and I are in the process of opening the UBC-ESM again, as an October election looks almost certain. I came across an e-mail that you seem to have sent me (, which unfortunately never reached me. I just stumbled across your post when I was looking around the web for things to link to on our new home page for the 2008 UBC-ESM. I'm puzzled as to why your e-mail never reached me, but I suspect the university's new spam filter has something do with it. The address is defunct, and we will have a new address starting next week. For now, you can reach me at

Technically, the market will be ready soon, but we still need to get the ethics approval from the powers-that-be. This may take a couple of days. We hope that we will be ready to open the market if, as many expect, an election is called next week.

I've been away for a year on sabbatical until mid July, and my family and I are just settling back into life in Vancouver and UBC.

I trust we can count on you as a trader!

Best regards, - Werner
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