Friday, August 8, 2008

Yes, it really is sinking

With the two Davids, Gregor Robinson, Michael Sather and Corky all not running again, the NDP will be going into the election with only 27 incumbents. All five of the retiring MLAs (how do you retire after just one term - with the exception of Corky Evans? Why run if you did not want to be there) are ones that would likely have been cabinet material and all five were among the stronger campaigners the party has.

The retirement of these guys is like have your team in the off season, after having missed the playoffs, have the first line all retire at once.

The NDP has obviously given up on being relevant in the 2009 election, they are happy with Gordon Campbell and giving him a free pass for the next election. As much as I like Campbell and think he is the best premier we have had, I think good governance demands an opposition that could form government and acts like they want to hold the government to account. Campbell's problems in the first term all stem from the NDP not being able to figure out how to be the opposition.

Frankly, it is too late for the NDP to get rid of James, the NDP needs to get rid of itself. The party has no relevance in BC politics and is only taking up space that could usefully be filled by people interested in good governance and a better BC.

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