Tuesday, September 9, 2008

One Day to Lose My Election Sign

I know I live in a neighbourhood that is hostile to the Conservatives, but I did not expect to see my sign for my friend Jack McClintock disappear within 24 hours. In 2006 I managed to keep a blue sign on a street of orange in the same neighbourhood for the whole election. I am two blocks away, but on a street that is much busier and has a lot of walking traffic.

I have replaced and I will keep you informed if it manages to survive or if I have to replace it again.

It would not be an election unless some misguided supporters did not steal signs. Such a waste of resources for people to do this and fundamentally fascistic in nature. The sort of people that steal signs are the sort of people that in the 1930s brought Hitler to power in Germany - small scale political hooliganism and restriction of freedom of speech.
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