Friday, September 5, 2008

Sarah Palin not Experienced Enough?

I am trying to figure out how anyone can claim Sarah Palin is not experienced enough to be the VP. If you compare here to the other people that were the front runners out there, she is not doing too bad.

  • Mitt Romney - one term as a governor, though he is an old white guy.
  • Bobby Jindal - less than nine months as governor and two terms as a congressman. He is younger than Sarah Palin and his third child is only two years old
  • Tim Pawlenty - One term as governor and several terms in the Minnesota state house. He is only a bit older than Sarah Palin

A lot of people are also focusing on the fact she has kids and one of them very young. Oddly enough no one has raised the issue that Barak Obama has young childern at home, if he can do it and run for President, then I can not see why anyone would comment about Sarah Palin.

The other angle is that Alaska is somehow not a real state because it has less people living in it when compared to most states. Last time I checked, each state has the same powers and legislates over the same things. The number of people in the state makes very little difference in governance. The same is true of a mayor, a town of 8000 has to deal with most of the same legsilative issues that a town of 500 000 has to.

Will McMartin hits the issue square on in this article in the Tyee, the US is still not beyond considering women and non-whites equal in elections. In Canada no one asks about kids or makes an issue of sexual orientation or skin colour, in the US it still matters and it is odd how much it is still an issue for the left.
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