Monday, December 1, 2008

A Lib/NDP Cabinet

What might it look like?

There are 24 cabinet posts, 18 Liberal and 6 NDP.

There has to be one from each province and one from the north.

  1. Gerry Bryne from Newfoundland
  2. Scott Brison from Nova Scotia
  3. Wayne Easter - PEI
  4. Dominic Leblanc - New Brunswick
  5. Denis Codere - Quebec
  6. Irwin Cotler - Quebec
  7. Marlene Jennings - Quebec
  8. Alexandra Mendes - Quebec
  9. Bob Rae - Ontario
  10. Michael Ignatieff - Ontario
  11. Ruby Dhalla - Ontario
  12. David McGinty - Ontario
  13. Glen Peason - Ontario
  14. Anita Neville - Manitoba
  15. Ralph Goodale - Sask
  16. Ujjah Dosanjh - BC
  17. Joyce Murray - BC
  18. Larry Bagnall - Yukon

  1. Peter Stoffer - Nova Scotia
  2. Linda Duncan - Alberta
  3. Jack Layton - Ontario
  4. Thomas Muclair - Quebec
  5. Nathan Cullen - BC or Jean Crowder or Dawn Black
  6. Judy - Wasylycia-Leis - Manitoba
Building a cabinet with only 24 members with two parties having to be fill the positions and there needing to be a balance of the regional interests, it becomes hard to choose a cabinet. I am not sure if the 24 members includes senate or not.

A number of the people in Cabinet are obvious, they have to be in because there is no one else to choose from.

I wonder why the NDP agreed to only six seats in cabinet when they are almost 1/3 of the coalition? The NDP should have had at least seven and really eight seats at the table.

With a small cabinet, there is a problem Dion will have, who are the women we will chose for cabinet? There are only 19 women elected as Liberal MPs. The NDP should be able to achieve gender parity for their six, but the Liberals are going to have problems.
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