Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Navigable Waters Act

I have been of the opinion that this act needed to have been scrapped ages ago. It is mainly a problem because it is an unreasonable federal intrusion into provincial jurisdiction. It is also a problem because it is so badly written and does not reflect the needs and concerns of the country.

Here is a quote from the other that I found from Richard Neufeld, one of BC's new Senators:

Senator Neufeld: I have listened to the discussion around the table and, although this is the federal government, I have never been involved in a federal government budget, only 17 or so provincial budgets. Every time there is a provincial budget, there happens to be some effect on the statutes of the province. It is quite normal for that to take place. I cannot imagine how you could even think about saying that we should put out only the stimulus package and hold back the rest of the bill. I can tell you, the Navigable Waters Protection Act has hardly been amended since 1876 or so when British Columbia was barely a province. We have counted about 300,000 plus streams and rivers. It was a much different province back then than it is today. We need to move forward with some of the things that this infrastructure money can initiate to stimulate employment in the province and across every province and territory in Canada.

I firmly believe that this is a needed package and should be dealt with in an expeditious fashion. I understand from reading newspaper articles and from listening to the President of the United States, our largest trading partner, that there are huge problems in economies worldwide. Anyone who has not noticed that has not been listening or reading. In Canada, we need to deal with these things in an expeditious fashion. I fully understand that we have a responsibility to ask questions. Those things are fine with me but this is no time to play games. Games are used sometimes but at this time we need to get on with it."

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