Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thank God I do not live in West Vancouver Capilano

In West Vancouver Capilano there are two candidates running that I admire, in the current voting system I would have a huge problem making the decision who to vote for. Thankfully I am not voting there. On the other hand, the choices in my riding of Victoria Swan Lake are not inspring. Decent enough guys, but not the ones to make a big difference to how things are done.

The sitting Liberal MLA is Ralph Sultan. Ralph is one of the few MLAs in BC that really understands how the economy of BC works. His push for the Highway 37 powerline is very important to all of us in BC. That powerline would open up a lot more areas for green power production.

Running against him is independent David Marley. David is passionate about reforming how we are governed, he is a compassionate conservative. He is also a strong supporter of BC STV.

I expect Ralph to get easily re-elected. BC would be better off if both of them could be elected as MLAs.


Anonymous said...

How is the STV going to fare? People who have studied it say it favors extremism and fringe movements, and STV is not resistant to political manipulation.

Any insights into STV?


Anonymous said...

Why nothing on Railgate?

Anonymous said...

BC Icon:

The answer to your dilemma of who to vote for if you lived in West Van-Cap is easy: What choice will reform our democracy in the long run? BC-STV and an Independent from what used to be the safest seat in BC for the Liberals.

Withering the power of the party system will benefit the common good of what Ralph Klein calls "extremely normal Canadians."

As you well know STV nearly reached the %60 Yes it needed to become our voting system in 2005. Can you think of any other case of any group of Canadians voted %60 in favour of anything?

The spirit of democratic reform is broad and deep-seated in our province and I hope the voters of WV-Cap, who voted %57.03 in favour of STV in 05, will lead the way.

David O. Marley