Monday, April 20, 2009

Barry Penner takes on Carole James

I like Barry Penner, he is smart, he is honest, and he is straight forward. This is a video of him taking apart the stuff the NDP has been saying. He does it in a quiet and methodical manner and backed up with facts, something that the NDP has been missing in this debate.

The NDP allowed the same sort of private power development. BC had huge numbers of water licenses issued under the NDP for many different uses, in fact BC has a long history of water licenses being issued going back to 1858. This is nothing new and nothing different. We have had private power producers in BC since we started producing electrical power.

I suspect I will get some indignant comments about this post, such is life. I would like the NDP to move away from this badly scripted half truths about issues and come out with some concrete ideas of what the NDP would do as government. I have been meaning to blog about their platform, but does not really have much substance on the issues that I pay the most attention to.
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