Friday, May 14, 2010

The UK coalition government

I have been very busy doing some renovations, so I have not had much time to write about anything.

The Conservative  - Liberal Democrat coalition is very interesting.  I like the fact that the Liberal Democrats found a way to work with the most popular party in the UK as part of the government.   I like a lot of what I am hearing about what the government plans on doing.  I like the focus on civil liberties, but I also like the fact the two parties agreed to deal with the problems of the public sector borrowing requirement in the UK.   Their finances are completely out of whack and in danger of causing major long term problems for the country.

The fact the two parties have effectively committed to a five year mandate is an interesting decision.   Who knows how well the members will be able to stand each other after a year.

The coalition is the first UK government in generations to have the support of the majority of the public.  In total 59.1% of the public supported the two parties.   The coalition also means the Prime Minister goes from one MP in Scotland to 12 MPs and more than 1/3 of the vote.  It also means that in Wales the government holds 11 seats out 40 though managed 46.2% of the vote.

If the two parties can get along, this should be the UK government with the strongest popular mandate in generations.   That mandate is to change how politics are done in the UK

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