Friday, June 4, 2010

Terry Glavin: This Is Not The Way We Put An End To War.

And I thought I was getting some irrational flames, Terry Glavin is getting more for This Is Not The Way We Put An End To War., though the majority are at The Mark where he posted it first.

Is there no space for a rational review of what is going on?  Can one not be critical of Hamas and not be called a Zionist?   Pointing out that Israel is not to blame for much of what happens seems to be tantamount to waving a red flag in front of a certain segment of the public.

I am under no illusions about Israel, but then I am also under no illusions about their neighbouring countries.   When you compare and contrast the way the countries behave and how people are treated, I fail to see how Israel can be seen as worse than the others.

It feels like there is a growing antisemitism shrouded in the language of being anti-Zionist.   Some of the things people have posted as comments on my recent piece about the issue raise things that I can not understand how they believe.  The one that tops it all is the idea that 9/11 was in some way launched by the Israelis and it was not done by Islamofacists at all.

The most worrisome comment was by Hamit Sensoy

You know what the problem is actually Israel crime's supporters (mostly Jewish) they support whatever they do. (does not matter it is massacre, genocide, whatever it does it is OK for them. Mostly they hide their identity so they keep manipulating people all around the world.
Israel is gonna stay there? I really doubt it. Such a nasty neighbor will have a real hard time for its survival.
Many UN condemnations is only rejected because of america (another Jewish state)...
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