Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Division of Policy and Operations - good idea?

There could be a case made for separating policy making from operations in natural resources, but the division only makes sense if it is all the policy people brought together and not the operational staff.

There is a need for consistent policy development with relation to Crown Lands in BC and it would make sense if there were a minister for Crown Land Policy while at the same time retaining the Ministry of Forests, Ministry of Mines and Ministry of Energy.

The division as it has been done makes no rational sense.   There is no benefits you gain having the operational staff from forestry and mining in the same ministry.  Sure they can be but they would be operating as separate ministries sharing one minister.

There still remains a huge issue with the chain of command within all the dirt ministries.    It looks like a lot of the headquarters units are in Forests, Mines and Lands and these units have a lot of the senior staff.  

Ultimately the government would be better off if it a single minister of natural resources and no Minister of the Environment, Minister of Forests, Mines and Lands, and a Minister of Energy.

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