Wednesday, December 1, 2010

BC Politics continue to be trubulent

Today Jenny Kwan came out with a boardside against Carole James that makes Bob Simpson's comments look like he is a James loyalist. What will it take fir the leadership issue to go away? At this point only a leadership race will clear the air.

Jenny Kwan raised many of the same issues I have about the problens with Carole Jams as leader- lack of a sense of what the NDP direction is and ongoing public dislike of the leader. She also raises something I have no direct knowledge of, the inner workings of caucus. She says there has been an erosion in democratic principles within the NDP caucus and individual MLAs have less power. If this us true, it does not bode well for an NDP government.

This is the NDP were talking about, if there is this much public dissent then there is something really serious going on in caucus. The MLAs opposed to the leader sound much less scripted than the supporters of the leader. It makes me think the dislike for James may be much deeper than is being admitted to. Carole James gas become the Stockwell Day of BC Poltics.

There is time for the NDP to choose a new leader
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