Monday, February 14, 2011

What a weird session of the Legislature

The MLAs are back sitting for four days.   Neither the government nor opposition what one would normally expect of them as neither one has a leader and a clear policy direction.  The timing of the leadership races really messes with the legislative arm of government in BC.

What I wonder is how long it will take for the real session of the Legislature to reconvene?   It takes time to develop legislation and all of the Liberal leadership candidates seem to have major policy shifts they would bring in once they are premier.

Creating a new budget is going to take time unless the new premier simply keeps the current one and tinkers with it.   Honestly, I am not sure a radically different budget could be created in any reasonable length of time.   We are likely looking at a half year budget in the fall.

Honestly, other than some housekeeping items, I suspect it would make the most sense for the Legislature to return in September and have a long fall session.
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