Friday, March 25, 2011

From the Pirate Party

I signed up for the newsletter and got one today.    I would have considered giving them some money to get the flag on offer, but their flag is rather lame.   I was hoping for one with skull and cross bones or something similar, but this is really lame so they are not going to get any money from me.

I will continue to update with interesting tidbits for the minor parties, frankly I think it will be more interesting than the rest of the election.

Below is the email newsletter they sent out

PPCA Newsletter. March, 2011.

An Election Is Coming. Stand With the Pirate Party of Canada.
The fall of the government has now become imminent, and so we must gear up for our first ever general election campaign. With momentum building, the Pirate Party is looking for you to fight the good fight and bring the much needed voice of information leadership to the town halls and front doors of Canada.

So what do we need from you?

We're looking for two things.

Candidates and Campaign Volunteers
By personally volunteering your time and effort, you give us the best contribution a member can give. We are looking for candidates and volunteers to help candidates, all across Canada. Most ridings are available for you to step forward as a candidate. In order to run for Member of Parliament with us, you must be a Canadian citizen and a member of the Pirate Party to be endorsed. You can find how to become a candidate at:

Meetings are being setup throughout Canada to organize, you can find more by going to:

As with any endeavour, money will play a major part of this battle. All permanent residents and citizens can contribute up to $1100 a year. As an incentive, there is a tax credit that is applied directly to the amount of federal taxes you have to pay. It breaks down as follows:

$0.01 to $400.00 : 75 percent
$400.01 to $750.00: $300 plus 50 percent for contributions in excess of $400.
$750.01 to $1275: $475 plus 33 percent for contributions in excess of $750.
The maximum tax credit that you may recieve is $650.

Once our Pirate candidates are nominated at the beginning of the election, you will also be able to donate up to $1100 in total directly to their campaigns if you so choose.

Until the 15 April, we will give out flags to anyone that contribute $150 or more. Each flag is 3' x 6' (90cm x 180cm). You can get it by writing to and specify which language you want it in. You can see a preview of it at:

We now accept Visa and Mastercard online, and continue to accept PayPal. We also accept cheques, money orders and cashier's cheques by mail.

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