Saturday, April 16, 2011

Election Signs

A quick observation of the CRD, there are fewer election signs up this time.   Why this is, I am not certain. I think I am going to take a drive around and take some pics and see what I can see.

I normally have signs up in every election, I think it is important for people to see there is an election on that someone is willing to publicly state their preference.   In the last municipal election I had up signs for about a dozen candidates from two different municipalities - I am right on the border of Saanich and Victoria.

In the provincial and federal elections my views tend to be somewhat out of sync with the neighbourhood.  this means my signs get vandalized or stolen a lot.   I always ask for a supply of the lawn signs so that I can replace them when they get stolen, I find that after a week or so people finally give up stealing the basic lawn signs.

I normally also get a mid sized sign attached to my fence.   It is amazing the lengths people will go to to rip it down.   I though this time it was really secure, but I came out today and found it torn down though not stolen.   I put it back up.

For me the 'battle of the signs' has become my small fight for a civil and open society against undemocratic mob rule.   There is no place in politics for hatred, insults or uncivil behaviour.     Each time this happens it really says to me that I have to step up for free speech and a better country.
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