Friday, April 29, 2011

Pair Vote - not very non partisan

Pair Vote presents itself as a non-partisan site, but this email I got today makes it rather clear that it is an anti-Conservative movement.  They also seem to be in an old mode of thinking when they speak of the Liberals being the best option to win in many close races.   The very limited amount of impact the site has will be more than completely overwhelmed by the Conservative votes it causes to be mobilized in close ridings.  Sites like this as a good send to people trying to get the right wing vote out.

Call to action!
Hi Bernard,
Election day is drawing near and over 1000 Green supporters are currently not able to be paired. In the last round of matches we were able to match only a handful of such supporters across the nation with voters in Saanich-Gulf Islands.
On April 27, Elizabeth May on CBC Radio’s As It Happens, claimed to be in a dead heat with Gary Lunn. According to May EVERY vote is vital to ensure that a million or more voters are represented by at least ONE MP in the House of Commons. Canadians vote not in one national but 308 separate MP elections. To achieve the goals of May, the Green Party of Canada, and thousands of Green supporters we are asking you to take action to ensure that a million votes aren't stranded.

How can you help?
Tap into your connections, if you know someone in Saanich-Gulf directly or through extended contacts, get a hold of them and ask them to sign up at until April 30, and on May 1 or 2 to use which will work right up until the polls close.
Get more voters in swing ridings willing to vote Liberal (most close races involve a Liberal).
Visit the swap statistics page to see the list of swing ridings. If you live in a swing riding, consider switching your preferred vote to Liberal.

Let the local Green organizing team know there are 2500 potential swaps(!). When they go door-to-door, urge them to give Liberal/NDP supporters the option of vote swapping through Pair Vote. Email or better yet, phone 778-426-4494.
Without your help, thousands of Greens who wanted to help May must be asked to vote for their third choice party to elect a second and third choice MP, to prevent a Harper false majority. This would at least keep the doors open to electoral reform and preserve party per-vote funding, vital to the Green Party's continued viability as a national party. This will happen anyway to some voters, but at least May will be in the House to argue strenuously for electoral reform and fair funding for all parties.
What else can YOU do?
If you are actively working on the Green campaign going door-to-door please remember to get the word out about
Mention pair voting to Liberal and NDP supporters.
Contact your local media.
Tell your FB friends about PairVote OR urge them to use the VoteSwap Canada application @
Connected to the Vote Mob movement? Spread the word!
Educate others or learn more about vote pairing and
To ensure we make the best swaps possible, support Project Democracy, who are trying to raise $5000 to do local polling in very tight races. Spread the word, and make a contribution here

There are less than 2 days left before our final round of swaps. Thanks for your help in being part of the change, and let's all keep calling for electoral reform!
All the best,
The Pair Vote team
Our mailing address is:
Pair Vote
44 Cambridge Pl
Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6A 6E9
Copyright (C) 2011 Pair Vote All rights reserved.
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