Wednesday, April 20, 2011

People's Political Power Party Leader Roger Poisson died a few weeks before the election

I had contacted them as soon as the election was called and tried to find out where they were at.   I got my answer in an email just now from Laurel McCallum, registered agent for the party.   Here it is:

Dear Bernard, 

Thank you for writing to us. Please excuse us for not writing you sooner. 

As a party, and a family, we have recently experienced the passing of our leader, Roger Poisson, March 6, 2011. Roger spent his life dedicated to the needs of people and sacrificed everything to bring them peace and hope for their future. He always took the time to listen and share the wisdom of the plans for the future of all Canadians, and for the world. The spirit of truth was with him. As a leader, Roger taught us the important lessons of listening, working together and respecting each other as a family, for the purpose of serving everyone. 

So soon after the loss of our Leader, the PPP decided not to prepare candidates for the current Federal Election. This decision caused Elections Canada to de-register our Party, as required in the Canada Elections Act. However, it is our firm intention to continue the work here by the Spirit and under the same name, as soon as possible. 

We are now in the process of re-registering our Party. Once we are registered, we will again be an Eligible Party, with many of the rights and obligations of official parties. As an Eligible Party, we are like a “Party in waiting”, continuing to build our membership, listen to the people and share our beliefs, policies and directions for the future, when a new Election will be called and candidates will step forward. 

We invite you to study our website to feel true hope for your life, as you read our articles, our answers to questions and our policies. Please call or write anytime... we are open and going strong!

The PPP Team
If you want to help them, you can actively support them by filling out a form for Elections Canada so that they can be registered again.  Download the pdf from this link and send it filled out to them

The party has a new leader, Anna-Maria Everett.
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