Thursday, April 14, 2011

Swapping Votes

Vote Pair is back.  It has been created as an anti-Conservative tool, but can be used by anyone.  I have registered because as much as I like Patrick Hunt, he does not have a realistic chance of winning.   If someone is willing to vote swap and vote for a Conservative where the vote could be needed, I would be willing to do it.  

I encourage other people that support the government to sign up with Vote Pair if they are in ridings where the Conservatives can not win and use this tool as a way to counter the anti-Harper nature of the site.  

Ideally I would like to do this locally so that either Gary Lunn or Troy DeSousa can get elected.  I may talk to a Liberal supporter in Saanich Gulf Islands and offer to vote for Chris Causton if they vote for Gary Lunn.

The whole problem with the system is that is assumes we can trust the others to vote for who we want.  In 2008 they claim to have had a hand in electing Keith Martin, but their evidence is very, very thin.

The effort that was put into campaign in 2008 certainly did not pan out in reality.  For all the effort, they would have had more impact if they had engaged in a campaign on the ground.
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