Monday, July 18, 2011

Random Political Factoid

Towards the end of the August the Liberals will be second political party in BC history to pass a total of 30 years in office, with that in mind, here is the all time record for the parties in BC over the 108 years and 140 days since BC has had political parties:

Length of time of parties in power in BC

  • Social Credit - 35 years 363 days
  • Liberals - 29 years 329 days
  • Conservatives - 18 years 262 days
  • NDP - 12 years 310 days
  • Coalition - 10 years 336 days

It should be noted that both Coalition premiers were Liberals and through the whole coalition era the Conservatives were the minority member.

It will take more than a full term for the NDP to finally pass the BC Conservatives.

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