Friday, August 26, 2011

HST result along party lines

Of the 42 ridings with the highest No vote, 35 are Liberal held, 6 are NDP and the last one is Vicki Huntingdon

Of the 43 highest Yes vote,  28 are NDP held, 14 are held by the Liberals and the last one  is Bob Simpson.  Six of the Liberals were rural or interior seats.

Stikine is a result that sticks out to me as it is rural and NDP held, but it had a higher than average No vote.  I have no idea why.

I can not be certain, but there also seems to be a correlation between how wealthy the people are in the riding.

What does this say about a next election?   My current estimate of an NDP win with the Liberals holding their urban and suburban seats seems to be what is happening.   The rural twist on things may be the populist right.

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