Thursday, November 24, 2011

Looking at Federal Redistribution on Vancouver Island

Since BC seems to be destined to get five more seats, I thought I would look at how this would impact Vancouver Island.

All six existing ridings on the the Island will be above the provincial average and the whole island should have a large enough population to justify the addition of more seat.   So where would go?

I see Vancouver Island North losing some of the Comox Valley.    Nanaimo Alberni and Nanaimo Cowichan would both cease to exist.   We would get one riding the one could call Comox Alberni which would be to the north the and west of Nanaimo.   Another one would be Nanaimo itself.   The third one would be everything south of Nanaimo as far as the Westshore in Greater Victoria.

In Victoria there would still be Saanich Gulf Islands, bu the southern boundary would move north, about 15,000 people would join the Victoria riding.

The Victoria riding would gain some of southern Saanich, but lose the western parts of the city.

The remaining area would be Esquimalt, View Royal, Highlands, half of Colwood,  and the areas of  Saanich and Victoria west of Douglas.

We would have three and half MPs in the CRD and three and half MPs on the rest of the island.

I see all of the ridings, other than Nanaimo and the Esquimalt one, as competitive ones.

Vancouver Island will now have the same number of MPs as Newfoundland.

Realistically the Island would return 3 NDP, 3 Conservatives and 1 Green in 2015.  The NDP could win as many as five and the Conservatives as many as four.

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