Thursday, March 22, 2012

From the right wing fringe, another new party!

Wilf Hanni, one time leader of BC Reform, BC Party, BC Conservative Party and BC Heritage Party has now morphed his BC Heritage party into a provincial wing of the Christian Heritage Party.  I am almost 100% certain he holds the record for being the leader of the most parties in BC at five as he is now the interim leader of CHP-BC.

This one move has apparently increased the party membership by 1000 percent.  The CHP, like the BC NDP, requires a person to join both the provincial and federal wings.  The have also formed a CHP Manitoba.   My guess is that membership if the CHP in BC is between 150 and 300, this means only 15-30 people were members of Hanni's vanity party the BC Heritage Party.

It seems the CHP held their national convention in Abbotsford last weekend.   There are some reports of this in some media.  The picture of the delegates only shows 16 people, was that the total attendance?  I found a reference to 100 people being there.

Chilliwack-Hope should be the best ground in all of BC for them to run provincially.   They should nominate someone to run in the by-election, though I am not convinced they can get their act together.
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