Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Victoria Federal By-election

The view from Mount Tolmie after a rare thunderstorm
(updated at 5:10 pm Sept 12th)
We have three people that are actively seeking the nomination to be a candidate in the by-election.

Murray Rankin wants the NDP nomination and he has a very strong set of supporters, strong enough that I do not think anyone else will be able to mount an effective campaign given that the nomination is on October 14th.

There are rumours of former SD#61 Chair Charley Beresford or former NDP finance minister Elizabeth Cull being interested in running.

Paul Summerville is seeking the Liberal nomination and I suspect it is his because I really do not think anyone is that interested given that the Liberals are not a factor in the riding.

The Greens have David Galloway of UVic interested in running - I have to say I have never heard of him.  Meanwhile a prominent local environmentalist - Guy Dauncey - is backing Murray Rankin and the NDP.  As well former federal Green John Fryer is also backing Murray Rankin.  John Fryer was campaign manager for Elizabeth May but stepped down before the election.   The Greens I have heard plan to spend the limit and will come with a large set of volunteers.   Their nomination is set of September 29th.

I have not heard of any names for the Conservatives of people interested in running.  I do know they are financially able to fund the campaign now.

Murray Rankin, with the support of Guy Dauncey, will make him much more likely to win because the Green threat will much lower than I had initially thought.


Roedy said...

Elizabeth Cull has announced her candidacy. She says her big plus is experience being in BC cabinet.

I don't know Murray Rankin or Elizabeth Cull that well.

I remember years ago Liberal Simma Holt took NDP Grace McIness's seat when she resigned Vancouver Kingsway. I was shocked. My choice will be based on who is the safer to win. I think I would be quite happy with either in office.

Cull made a comment in a CBC interview that indicated she was not quite on board with the environment. She seemed to think you first get the economy rolling, then you have some money to look after the environment. The actuality is, if you don't have an environment, you don't have any hope of an economy.

Bernard von Schulmann said...

I just heard she is running. I can not find the text of her press release and the website was recently registered but there is no website there. I also do not see any active social media for her campaign