Monday, October 15, 2012

Mustel polled BC in September

Mustel, and originally as McIntyre Mustel, has been polling the BC political scene on a regular basis for two decades now, I have the data for the series back to March 1994.    It turns out Mustel was in the field in September but there was no press release.   The only indication for the poll was a new set of points on their chart.

The results:

BC NDP - 45% (+3 from March)
BC Liberals - 32% (-2 from March)
BC Conservatives - 18%(+1 from March)
Greens - 4%(-2 from March)


RossK said...


I note, with interest, the continued uptick of the blueline through September that preceeded the recent 'turmoil' amongst the folks associated with the party of said line.


Bernard said...

I see that as well and I am not sure what to make of that because I do not know when Mustel was polling. They tend to be in the field for a longer period and do polls of 500-600 range. It is possible the calling was well before the AGM.

I normally like Mustel but without having more information about the poll it is not really of as much relevance as normally.

Anonymous said...

Would this be part of Mustel's "The BC Omnibus"?

RossK said...

Thanks again Bernard for the extra information.