Friday, October 26, 2012

The Federalist Party

I came across this new federal party on Craigslist.    The Federalist Party is one I know nothing about and after having read the ad on Craigslist and looked at the party website I am still not really certain what it is all about.

Based on what I see on the website, Barry Aulis starting this party more than three years ago.   There seems to be very little happening.

Federalist party of Canada

Date: 2012-10-24, 9:30AM PDT [Errors when replying to ads?]

Seeking people to serve as executive officers in an unregistered federal political party for the following positions: president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, auditor, and Webmaster. I will serve as chief agent until the party sets up a corporation to serve in that capacity. You should be bilingual and wish to change the way political parties are run. If you have free time and wish to make a difference then join the Federalist Party. The party's constitution is under the document tab ( A retainer fee of $25 will be paid to each officer except for the positions of auditor and Webmaster who will be paid a fee of $50. Please note a chartered accountant must fill the position of auditor. Payment will be by PayPal and paid when I receive the Election Canada's members form. This form is under Join / Election Canada form. I intend to see the party reach registered party status and then decide upon its future. Senior officers of the party will be paid a percentage of the base wage per week and will have a retirement benefit of a pension plan contribution equal to half their weekly salary paid per month. Junior officers will be paid a percentage of the base wage per month with no retirement benefit. The base wage is currently $400. When it goes up it increases the salary of everyone and when lowered decreases the salary of everyone top to bottom. Executive officers have the right to submit an OEA (Official Expense Appropriation). No expenses accounts the officers pay out of their pockets first then ask the party to reimburse them. This is made by the National executive councilors by secret ballot. If approved by a majority vote the officers gets reimbursed 25% of the OEA, at a 60% majority its 50%, at a two thirds majority its 75%, and three quarters majority it's the full amount. Barry.

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