Tuesday, January 29, 2013

After a long time, a new Mustel poll in BC

In the past the most common pollster of BC political opinion has been Mustel but they have been absent since March of last year - yes there are details of a poll last September on their graph but no press release was issued for it.  We have a new poll from them today.

The headline results
Party   Support  Change from Sept
NDP      43%        -2
Liberals 33%        +1
Greens   11%        +7 
Cons     11%        -7
Others    2%        +1

Poll was done January 11th to 21st via telephone and had 509 responses.

What I find interesting is that even with a 7 point fall in BC Conservative support but really no change in Liberal support.   It is the Greens that gained the most.

I do not think this poll is telling us much new about the BC political scene, the NDP and Liberals have been steady in the Mustel polls since September 2011.

One thing I do like about Mustel is that I have a data series going back 19 years.

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