Tuesday, January 29, 2013

After a long time, a new Mustel poll in BC

In the past the most common pollster of BC political opinion has been Mustel but they have been absent since March of last year - yes there are details of a poll last September on their graph but no press release was issued for it.  We have a new poll from them today.

The headline results
Party   Support  Change from Sept
NDP      43%        -2
Liberals 33%        +1
Greens   11%        +7 
Cons     11%        -7
Others    2%        +1

Poll was done January 11th to 21st via telephone and had 509 responses.

What I find interesting is that even with a 7 point fall in BC Conservative support but really no change in Liberal support.   It is the Greens that gained the most.

I do not think this poll is telling us much new about the BC political scene, the NDP and Liberals have been steady in the Mustel polls since September 2011.

One thing I do like about Mustel is that I have a data series going back 19 years.


Grant G said...

The Mustel poll is really bad news for the Liberals..

If you look at their tracking line, the Liberals are as popular, or if you like, as unpopular as what they were at their lowest point with Gordon Campbell..

Meaning this, even with this little(inside the margin of error) bump, they are no more popular now then they were when Campbell was forced out..

And, there is a 17% percentage point lead for the NDP with female voters.

4% with male voters.

Adios BC Liberals, this Bernard after $40 million dollars in advertising and attacks on Adrian Dix.

Anonymous said...

VP did a column on independents - any thoughts on how that angle is going to play out in May?

Bernard said...

I was working in a piece about the independents.

I think we will see three of them elected but the overall vote share will only be 40,000 to 45,000 votes, which is only around 2.4% of the likely vote in May

Anonymous said...

The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals have done nothing other than, bring down a load of grief, on this province and the people.

Campbell's election lies. The BCR wasn't for sale. The HST wasn't on his radar. Most of the same Ministers and Liberal members from Campbell's reign of terror, are still with us to-day.

I especially detest Christy's TV ads. Using our tax dollars to pay for those ads, which I think are blatant lies. Christy has permitted Chinese miners, to take BC miners jobs. BC miners must speak Chinese Mandarin, to obtain a job in their own, English speaking province.

Harper's Omnibus Bill, permits China to sue any Canadians, getting in China's way. China sued in BC, to take the mining jobs.

How about the seven mines and mine expansions, going into Northern BC? Those are also foreign owned. Who will have those Jobs?

There may indeed be many jobs coming to BC. I just doubt those jobs will be for the BC miners and other BC citizens.