Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Another new party in BC - BC Vision

I found a new party today, BC Vision.   The website is only a shell with very little there to tell me anything about the party.

The party leader is Jag Bhandari who is located in Surrey.  He ran for mayor of Whistler and for council in Surrey in 2008 - yes, in both jurisdictions at once.  Laila Yuile has some more postings about Jag.

Constitution of BCV (from the website, yes, this the total sum of it)
The main objective of the BC Vision is  to enhance the lives of all British Columbians while nominating, supporting and selecting the candid candidates for MLA’s Election in BC.
The Election Platform as outlined on the website tells me very little about what they are about.
Our Pre Election Agenda 2013 focus on the following key areas:
Jobs with multiple skills, technology skills
Basic need of all British Columbian's Needs – Food, Shelter, Medical, Security, & Clothing
Ongoing Education for all children, youths, adults, & seniors
Balance Budget, & Taxation Overhaul of flawed policies of BC NDP & the BC Liberals
Plan to implement:
*Focus will be the overall development of British Columbia while utilizing the innovative techniques.
*Needs & Wants are the requirement of all BC Residents. Focus on Eating Healthy Food, and active participation in all weather community based  outward events such as Sun Run, Cancer Run, Festivals, Daily Work or Swim, BC Run. Consequently, we inhale fresh air, and the result is that British Columbians will enjoy good health. BC stands for Beautiful British Columbia, not only in its beauty but also known for the best environment in the World.
*Focus to connect three generations through technology, ongoing two-way communication, and tax credits for those corporations which contribute to the seniors education.
*We will balance the budget after removing the flaws of current budget. 
Predicting the future of this party should be fairly easy, I suspect it will run no more than one or two candidates and simply fade away

Video for his run for being of mayor of Whistler in 2008.

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