Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Getting a lot of votes is not enough to win

One of the quirks of our arcane electoral system is that some candidates do much better than others in getting votes but still lose the election.

Here are the top 10 losers of the 2013 BC election

  1. 11,024 Kasandra Dyke NDP Comox Valley - 7th best result for a New Democrat
  2. 9,999 Margaret MacDiarmid Liberal Vancouver Fairview - 23rd best result for a Liberal
  3. 9,911 Barry Avis NDP Parksville Qualicum
  4. 9,629 Stephen Roberts  Liberal Saanich North and the Islands
  5. 9,377 Christy Clark Liberal Vancouver Point Grey
  6. 9,294 Adam Olsen Green - 3rd place in Saanich North and the Islands - 2nd best result for a Green
  7. 9,257 Dick Cannings NDP Penticton
  8. 9,179 Elizabeth Rosenau NDP Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows
  9. 8,939 Chris Wilson NDP Coquitlam Maillardville
  10. 8,876 Nick Facey Liberal North Island
19 of the MLAs elected a week ago did not manage to get as many votes as the above ten 

Here is the list of the MLAs that received the least support on election day
  1. 3,769 Doug Donaldson NDP Stikine
  2. 3,904 Mike Bernier Liberal Peace River South
  3. 4,340 Jennifer Rice NDP North Coast
  4. 4,859 John Rustad Liberal Nechako Lakes
  5. 5,459 Coralee Oakes Liberal Cariboo North
  6. 5,539 Jackie Teggart Liberal Fraser Nicola
  7. 6,019 Norm Macdonald NDP Columbia River Revelstoke
  8. 6,809 Patt Pimm Liberal Peace River North
  9. 6,952 Donna Barnett Liberal Cariboo Chilcotin
  10. 7,320 Kathy Corrigan NDP Burnaby Deer Lake

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