Sunday, May 12, 2013

If the NDP and Liberals do not excite you, try doing something different

I do not know anyone other than hardcore partisans that are excited by the NDP or the Liberals.   It is unfortunate that many people are going to a choice on Tuesday that is one they are not excited.   When we vote we should be hopeful for the future.   Voting for the lesser of two evils is not a way for us to get a better  quality of government.

If you are not happy with the NDP or the Liberals, do something different.   There are other choices on the ballot, people that are worth voting for.   No incoming government is ever going to so bad that in four years the world will come to an end.   Doing something different, voting for someone other than the NDP and Liberals, will not doom us but if enough people do it might break the political paradigm we have lived with since 1975 in BC.  

I will not be voting for the NDP or the Liberals in this election but the Greens.    I happen to live in a riding where both the New Democrat and Liberal are good choices but I am not impressed with the NDP or Liberal campaigns.    I am voting for the Green locally because I think he is a good candidate.   I am also voting Green because I think there needs to be a change in BC politics that breaks the left/right paradigm.   I want more diversity in our legislature, I want to see MLAs there who are more concerned about keeping the government honest than being the government.   As long as all we have is the government caucus and the government in waiting caucus we are not going to have the full debate we deserve,

If more and more of us act with hope and a long term desire for better government, we will get there but the first step is to make a different choice on election day.   Trying voting for something than the normal left/right choices.

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