Thursday, June 27, 2013

BC Political Facts - a series of Legislative Library Publications

Up until very recently the BC Legislative Library kept an online list of BC political facts but as of today it is gone and has been replaced with a single line:

Lists are under review. Please contact the library for further information.

I am not sure what is going on here, when I called they said they are updating them but there was no sense that they documents would be listed online again.  

Here is the list of political facts that they had online as recently as May 13th

  • Deputy Speakers and Assistant Deputy Speakers since 1872)
  • Leaders of the Opposition since 1903  - my link to the same data
  • Lieutenant Governors  since 1871 
  • MLAs since 1871 
  • Party Leaders since 1900  
  • Premiers since 1871
  • Speakers since 1872 
  • Women MLAs since 1918  

If the Legislative Library is not going to have them online any longer, I may need to create similar lists and put them online.

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