Thursday, June 27, 2013

Andrew Weaver - an Independent MLA or a Green MLA?

I raise this issue because the website of the BC Legislature lists Andrew Weaver as an Independent MLA but the report the Legislature accepted of the General Election Results has him recognized as a Green MLA. Contrast this to Vicki Huntingdon who is listed as an Independent MLA in both cases.   In fact Andrew Weaver is the only MLA to be recognized as elected for a party and not recognized as such in the legislature.    This is the first time this has ever been done in BC that I can find an example of.

The argument is that the Greens do not have recognized party status in the house and therefore he is an independent.   While the Greens may be not an officially recognized party in the house he is still a Green MLA.   In the past MLAs that were with parties that did not manage to elect enough members to achieve party status were still listed as being party of their party.   Treating Andrew Weaver like this is a break from the traditions of the BC Legislature.

In 2001 Joy MacPhail and Jenny Kwan were elected as New Democrats and were recognized as New Democrats within the house even though they did not have party status.  Jagrup Brar was also listed as being a NDP MLA when he was elected.

It is not as if Andrew Weaver was elected for one party and then changed to another one, he was elected as a Green and recognized as being elected as such by the Legislature.   His listing as an independent instead of as a Green is incorrect and should be changed.

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