Friday, July 12, 2013

HQ Locations for federal political parties

There are 17 registered political parties in Canada and for some reason most of the minor ones do not have their headquarters in Ottawa.

Not surprisingly, Ottawa and area is home to four or the five parties in the House of Commons and two fringe parties
Christian Heritage Party
Conservative Party
Green Party
Liberal Party
Libertarian Party

Toronto and area is home to six minor parties that ran a total of 49 candidates
Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party - 7 candidates
Communist Party - 20 candidates
Online Party - registered since the last election
Pirate Party - 10 candidates
Progressive Canadian Party - 9 candidates
United Party - 3 candidates OK, they are not quite Toronto but on the southern most shore of Lake Simcoe

Montreal and area
Bloc Québécois - the only major party with their headquarters not in Ottawa
Marijuana Party
Marxist-Leninist Party
Rhinoceros Party

Terrace BC
Canada Action Party

Victoria BC
Western Block Party - yes, the party has not died with the passing of Doug Christie

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