Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Closest Three-way Race I know of - Nelson Creston 1941

The 2013 Saanich North and the Islands election results were very close but not the closest we have seen in BC.  The 1941 election in Nelson Creston was decided by only 20 votes between first and third and 0.31 percentage points.  Saanich North the Islands the range for first to third was 379 votes and 1.2 percentage points

In the 1941 election the results for Nelson Creston where as follows

Frank Putnam              Lib  2,144 33.458%
Martin Cathcart Donaldson Cons 2,140 33.396%
Frank Frisby              CCF  2,124 33.146%

20 votes total between first and third and there were 89 spoiled ballots

The riding was a close race in 1937 as well between the Liberals and Conservatives with Frank Putnam winning with 39.2% of the vote.

In 1945 Frank Putnam won by a huge margin over the CCF as a Coalition candidate.

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