Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Senate vote on suspending Brazeau, Duffy and Wallin

Senator For Against Abstain Absent
Brazeau  50    29    13      7
Duffy    52    28    11      7  
Wallin   52    27    12      7  

Mike Duffy was one of the Senators absent today.

There is one less vote for the Duffy and Wallin suspensions because Patrick Brazaeu could no longer vote.  Pamela Wallin abstained on her own suspension, which is why the number of votes against dropped one from the Duffy vote.

Only Liberal Senator I have heard that voted for the suspensions was Paul Massicotte.  Apparently the Liberal Senators were told by their leadership to abstain but most of them did not and voted to against suspending the three.

Apparently the only Conservative Senator to vote against the suspensions was Hugh Segal.   Conservative Senators Ruth, Wallace, Lang, Petit, Runciman and Meredith abstained.   In total seven Conservative senators did not vote the party line.

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