Thursday, September 4, 2014

If you can not vote for yourself why should be allowed to run?

I think a simple change in our democracy is to require everyone that runs to be able to vote for themselves.

Right now there is no requirement to run and be on the voters list.  In BC you can choose to run in any local election around the province.   Provincially and federally a candidate does not need to live in the riding where they live.   In all three cases, there is nothing that I can see that requires someone to be registered to vote.

Meanwhile the Senate of Canada, that insult to democracy, does at least require a senator to be a resident of the province they are representing.  

It feels fundamentally wrong to me to have a place represented by someone that is a local voter.  It should be the first requirement to run as a candidate that you are a locally registered voter.  

I know some people will say something like:

 "If the people do not like that the candidate is from elsewhere they do not have to vote for them.   Letting people run elsewhere allows for better people to be elected."  

If residency does not matter, why bother with restricting elections to citizens?  Open it up to everyone and  you can get the best people in the world to run.

I feel strongly about this.  It is a change that needs to happen.

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