Thursday, June 30, 2016

Interest in the 2017 BC Election is low and this could mean a bad turnou...

Four years ago we saw a lot more interest in the 2013 BC Election than we are seeing now for the 2017 election. In many ways it feels more like the run up to the 2009 BC election.

Without a compelling reason to vote it seems likely that younger voters are going to sit this election out.

When there is strong interest in a vote younger voters do come out to vote:

  • 2013 BC Election
  • Scottish Independence referendum - they lowered the voting age to 16 and it seems like the youth vote was a reason for the close result
  • 2015 Federal Election - it is not that Harper lost a lot of support that decided this election, but that a lot of younger voters were motivated to get rid of him and decided to vote.
  • The Brexit referendum - turnout was high and it is the younger voters that voted to remain that made the result close.
I see nothing compelling on the horizon that will cause people to come out and vote - hatred for Christy Clark is lower than in 2013.

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