Thursday, July 21, 2016

The BC Conservatives have FOUR candidates for leader

For such a long time it looked like no one was going to step forward to bc leader of the BC Conservatives, but now after the close of nominations and vetting by the party there are four candidates

  • Dan Brooks - the leader that resigned in January of this year.  I can not find any online presences for his campaign.
  • ChloĆ© Ellis -  She is still in her 20s, though that does not mean she is any less qualified to be leader than the guys running.  Her website the best of the lot but still nothing much there.
  • Konrad Pimiskern - It is hard to get past the fact he is using webpage that looks like it was made in 1999.  His website tells me nothing
  • Jay Cross - a PhD statistician who seems to mainly focus on the lack of fundraising by the BC Conservatives.   No details of how this would happen or any details on how he would act as leader.
Who should the Conservatives choose?  
Jay Cross and Konrad Pimiskern do not strike me as people that have any skills to a function as a useful leader.   I really do not get why either one is running.

Dan Brooks will have to overcome resigning and then wanting to come back.   I have also been told that the Brooks era of the party was not exactly the most open organization, various good people were frozen.  Some of these people have political experience and are very ethical conservatives.   If the party chooses him it is sort of like an admission that 2016 was not important for the party.  Dan Brooks would be a signal to the media the party is not serious.

This more or less leaves ChloĆ© Ellis.   I know very little about her.  She ran for the federal Conservatives in 2015 in the riding of New Westminster Burnaby.  Win or lose she will benefit simply by running and building up a following.   She is also the only candidate for which I know the names of anyone that is a supporter.

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