Monday, August 22, 2016

Early Political Ads in the 2017 BC Election Cycle

I am going to try and look at all the various ads that come out in this election cycle.

Here is an NDP ad from this spring.   Clearly a strong negative campaign against Christy Clark.  This sort ad can work well in suppressing the BC Liberal vote by discouraging their supporters from voting.  It does very little to improve the NDP vote.
The danger of this is approach is that the focus becomes the other party and unless you can control the narrative there is a chance you will do much worse in the election.

Here is BC Liberal ad from August 1st    It is very boring and looks like a bland corporate video, but what it does do well is to put out a positive message about Christy Clark.   This is aimed at people that have supported the BC Liberals in the past and is intended to give them the comfort to vote for the party again.

You want a good ad, this 2012 ad is what people should be looking at.  If you are going to go negative it is best to do it with humour.   Even supporters of the BC Liberals can see the humour in this ad.

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