Monday, August 8, 2016

Why does the BC NDP not care about trying on social media?

The NDP may not be doing well but neither are the other parties.   This may not be a bad for the BC Liberals because they appeal to an older demographic.   It is crucial for the NDP because they really need to get the millennials interested in voting

Here are just a few stats to consider keeping in mind that there are about 3,000,000 voters in BC.   No more than about 0.5% of the BC electorate is engaged with the political parties on social media.

Facebook likes for:

BC NDP - 17,869

BC Liberals  - 8,507

Greens 4,790

BC Conservatives 523

Twitter followers

BC NDP 16,710

BC Liberals 12,897

Greens 8,656

YouTube subscribers

BC NDP - 389

BC Liberals - 355

Greens - 23

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