Places named for BC Premiers - not complete and some other trivia on BC Premiers

John Foster McCreight BC's first premier from November 14th 1871 to December 23rd 1872.  McCreight Lake near Campbell River. McCreight Point on Pitt Island near Kitimat.  There is also a McCreight Rock and McCreight Island near Masset, I am not certain they are named for him.

Amor De Cosmos BC's second premier from December 23rd 1872 to February 9th 1874.  Amor De Cosmos creek near Sayward.  Mount DeCosmos west of Nanaimo was named for him in 1864.  DeCosmos Point and DeCosmos Lagoon on Hunter Island.  Amor Lake west of Campbell River.  Amor Point and Cosmos Heights on Bute Inlet were named for him in 1862.

George Anthony Walkem BC's third premier from February 11th 1874 to January 27 1876 and BC's fifth premier from June 25th 1878 to June 6th 1882.  Walkem Cone on Broughton Island.  There are also Walkem Islands and Walkem Point in BC, but I can not confirm they are named for him.

Andrew Charles Elliott BC's 4th premier from February 1 1876 to June 25th 1878 - I can not find any examples of anything named for him

Robert Beavan BC's 6th premier from June 13th 1882 to January 29th 1883- I can not find anything named for him

William Smithe BC's 7th premier from January 29th to March 28th 1887.  Smithe Street in Vancouver

AEB Davie BC's 8th premier in office from April 1 1887 to his death on August 1 1889.   Davie Street in Vancouver.  Probably Mount Davie on Kootenay Lake

John Robson, BC's 9th premier from  August 2 1889 till his death on June 29 1892.   Robson Street in Vancouver and Robson Cove on Burrard Inlet are named for him.  The community of Robson and Robson Ridge near Castlegar.   Mount Robson and Robson Bight are not.

Theodore Davie BC's 10th premier from July 2nd 1982 to March 2nd 1895 - I can find nothing named for him.

John Herbert Turner BC's 11th premier from March 4th 1895 to August 8th 1898 - I can not find anything named for him

CA Semlin BC's 12th premier from August 15 1898 to February 27 1900.  Semlin valley, Semlin Creek and  Semlin Lake east of Cache Creek are named for him.  It was the location of his ranch.

Joseph Martin BC's 13th premier February 28th 1900 to June 14th 1900.  I can not find anything named from him.

James Dunsmuir BC's 14th Premier from June 15 1900 to November 21 1902.  It is hard to know which Dunsmuir named things are named for him and which are named for his father Robert Dusmuir.   I am certain Dunsmuir Islands near Ladysmith a re named for James.   There is a location in near Qualicum known as Dunsmuir named for Robert.  There is also Dunsmuir Street in Vancouver which I do not know which it is named for.  Dunsmuir California is name for James' brother Alexander

Edward Prior BC's 15th premier from November 21st 1902 to June 1 1903.   Prior Peak on the BC Alberta border near Golden.  Prior Passsage south end of Haida Qwaii.  Prior Lake in the rural area of Saanich.  Prior Island on the north coast.  I think Prior Street in Victoria and Vancouver could be named for him.   He was actually dismissed by the Lieutenant Governor for corruption then become Lieutenant Governor in 1919

Richard McBride BC's 16th premier from June 1 1903 to December 15th 1915.  McBride BC is name for him. As is the McBride river which flows into the Stikine.   Mount McBride in Strathcona Park.  McBride Boulevard in New Westminster is named for him.

William John Bowser, BC's 17th premier from December 15th 1915 to November 23rd 1916.    Bowser lake and Bowser river northeast of Stewart are named from him.   The community of Bowser on Vancouver Island is named for him.

Harlen Brewster, BC's 18th premier from November 23rd 1916 till his death on March 1 1918.   Mount Brewster north of the Peace Reach of Williston Resevoir.  Brewster Lake on Vancouver Island near.

John Oliver BC's 19th premier From March 6 1918 till his death on August 17 1927.  The town of Oliver

John Duncan MacLean BC's 20th premier from August 20th 1927 to August 20th 1928 - I can not find anything named for him

Simon Fraser Tolmie BC's 21st Premier from August 21st 1928 to November 15th - I can not find anything named for him.   The Tolmie names out there are for his father the HBC factor.

Duff Pattullo BC.s 22nd premier from June 15 1933 to December 9th 1941.   Mount Pattullo north east of Stewart and Pattullo Point near Prince Ruport were named for him in 1927 when he was minister of lands.  Pattullo Range and Pattullo Glacier in Tweedsmuir Park, named when Governor General Tweedsmuir visited the park in 1938. Pattullo Birdge in the lower mainland and Pattullo Park in Prince Rupert

John Hart BC's 23rd premier from December 9th 1941 to December 29th 1947.   The Hart highway from Prince George and Dawson Creek.   Hart Highlands in Prince George takes it name from the highway.  Hart Ranges on the Hart highway.  The Hart dam in Campbell River and the John Hart Lake behind the dam.

Boss Johnson BC's 24th premier from December 29th 1947 to August 1st 1952 - I can not find anything named for him.

WAC Bennett BC's 25th premier from August 1st 1952 to September 15th 1972  WAC Bennett dam, WAC Bennett Library at SFU (thanks to Colin for reminding me of that one)

All the former premier's after this are still living.

Living former and current BC Premiers (age as of September 23th 2012)
  • Dave Barrett, born October 2nd 1930 (age 81)
  • Bill Bennett born August 18th 1932 (age 80)
  • Bill Vander Zalm May 29th 1934 (age 77)
  • Rita Johnson April 22nd 1935 (age 76)
  • Mike Harcourt January 6th 1943 (age 69)
  • Dan Miller December 24th 1944 (age 67)
  • Ujjal Dosanjh September 9th 1947 (age 65)
  • Gordon Campbell January 12th 1948 (age 64)
  • Glen Clark November 22nd 1957 (age 54)
  • Christy Clark October 29th 1965 (age 46)
No former BC premier has died since WAC Bennett died on February 23rd 1979.  This is the longest period with no deaths of former premiers in BC history.  9 former premiers still living is also a record for BC.

From death of Boss Johnson on January 12th 1964 till the end of WAC Bennett's term on September 15th 1972, there were no former premiers alive.
Normally the new premier is appointed right after the previous one resigns, but in the past there were times when there was no premier in BC
Dates on which BC had no premier - these are full days on which there was no premier sworn in for BC.
  • July 20th 1871 - November 13th 1871 - why it took BC this long to form a government after joining confederation I have no idea.
  • November 10th 1874
  • January 28th to Janaury 31st 1878
  • June 7th 1882 to June 12th 1882
  • March 29th to March 31st 1887 - after the death of Smithe
  • June 30th 1892 to July 1st 1892 - after the death of Robson
  • March 3rd 1895
  • August 9th 1898 to August 14th 1898
  • March 2nd to March 5th 1918 - after the death of Brewster
  • August 18th to August 19th 1927 - after the death of Oliver


Anonymous said...

Mount Tolmie in Saanich?

Bernard von Schulmann said...

That is named for Dr Tolmie (1812-1886). The premier was Simon Fraser Tolmie, his son

Collin Rogers said...

WAC Bennet Library at SFU Burnaby.