Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Demanding Democracy - A Rant

When are the democracies of the world going to use their weight to demand that all countries hold free and fair elections? The biggest human rights violation in the world is the lack of free and fair elections - every other human right abuse flows from this.

How can you have a free press or freedom of speech if you are not allowed to elected anyone? How can you have a freedom of conscience or religion if you are in a country ruled by people no one chose?

Without a mandate from the people, there is no functional way to have a government that has a legitimacy to rule. Put simply, the rule of law is almost impossible to have when there is no government with a mandate of the people.

I dream of a Canadian federal parliament that puts democracy as the number one human rights issue globally.

I would like to see Canada demand China, North Korea, Cuba, Gaza, Iran, Algeria, Venezuela,and many others to hold free and fair elections now.

Even if you are not interested in the issue of human rights that much, the simply reality is that no two countries with free and fair elections have ever gone to war with each other. Globally democracy is the fundamental solution to war between nations.

If we are to see real change in Central Asia and the Middle East, we have to have the democratic nations help develop democracies in those locations. If Afghanistan can be made democratic and finally pulled out of the hands of the gang leaders that are robbing and terrorizing the people, this will be a strong signal to a dozen other countries.

Iraq has the potential to be first Arabic country to be a free and democratic nation ever. To date the Arabs in the middle east with the most freedom and the only ones with a long term history of being allowed to vote are the ones that are the citizens of Israel. Think about, the Arabs in the middle east that have it the best are the minority in the Jewish dominated country. They also have one of the highest standards of living of any Arabs even though Israel has no resources and the Arabs feel like second class citizens.

In the 1930s the democracies or Europe failed to support each other and we saw the end result in World War 2. The democracies of the world need to become proactive in the Islamic world especially to support the democracies or those people fighting for human rights. The fascistic elements in the Islamic world are working hard to destroy freedom and human rights anywhere they find it.
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