Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Worthwhile Canadian Initiative

This an interesting column in Newsweek from Fareed Zakaria about how much better Canada is doing than the US. Canada will come out of this recession as a global economic tiger.

For a more right wing and ranting view, check out Captain Capitalism. Once again, Canada is doing so much better than the US.

My biggest complaint with GW Bush was the fact that he was a fiscal liberal and spent money like there was no end. I was certain he was pushing the US towards an economic disaster since 2003.

I am stunned at the scope and insane scale of the budget proposed by Obama. The money he is suggesting being spent in the US is beyond what government can meaningfully oversee. Much of the money the US will spend over the next three years is going to get wasted and only leave them much deeper in debt.

My hope is that fiscal sanity continues to prevail in Canada and that the federal government works very hard to move us back to surpluses as quickly as possible.

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