Thursday, April 23, 2009

Leaders' Debate on CKNW this morning

I listened and I was not impressed, no one screwed up badly and no one did anything amazing.

Jane Sterk did the best, though she also had some rather unpolished sounding moments. She had the most substance in what she said. I would give her a B

Gordon Campbell was calm and non-reactive but also a bit boring and bland. I know this man has a passion for making BC better and it did not come out. On the other hand he has the lead and is best served by protecting it and not risking too much. C+ for him

Carole James sounded like herself, which is a problem because she is not a strong public speaker and easily sounds like she is trying too hard or sounds insincere. She also offered nothing of any substance. I give her a C.

The debate changes nothing in the election.

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