Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Angus Reid Poll Out

I have not seen the details, but it is 800 person online survey with 42% Liberal, 39% NDP and 13% Green. This is a marginal shift from their March 25th numbers.

I do not know the dates, I do not know other relevant details especially systemic errors.

When I know more, I will work it into my projections, I have a concert to go to at Shoreline in a few minutes so I can not do anything soon.

The headline number leaves 6% for other parties, this is a VERY high number given that there very few candidates outside of the three main parties. This number is roughly 100% than is realistic. The fact they came up with this high a number for other parties makes me want to read through the details of the poll to see what they think is happening. They had others at 7% in March, with the Conservatives specifically at 4%.
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