Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The State of BC Politics

The political world in BC has been in major flux for some months now, the anti-HST campaign, the resignation from government of Blair Lekstrom, the rise of the BC Conservatives, Bob Simpson being expelled, Carole James' leadership under serious fire, the public dissent from Bill Bennett and now the resignation of Gordon Campbell.   There is nothing certain about the next provincial election at this time at all.

The big factors are all party leadership questions:

  • Will the NDP manage to get rid of Carole James?
  • Will the Conservatives choose a reasonable leader with credibility?
  • Will the Liberals choose someone as leader that is not tied to the HST decision?

Until these questions are answered, the political scene will continue to be chaotic in this province.  I am going to run through some scenarios and thoughts on all of this over the next week.   No party or person should take anything for granted, we could be in from some huge surprises in May 2013.

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