Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Who could be Liberal Leader?

There are some people who seem obvious candidates and I think will run:

  • Rich Coleman - a more right wing choice but suffers from being in this cabinet
  • George Abbott - a rural moderate voice but in the current cabinet
  • Kevin Falcon - it feels like has been defacto angling for the job for some years now.
  • Mike de Jong - once again in cabinet now, but is a moderate
  • Diane Watts - outside of the cabinet and a well liked mayor of Surrey

Time for some out of the box speculation of possible people - I have no idea if they are interested in running:

  • Christy Clark - She does not own the government problems of today, but does she have the desire?
  • Bill Bennett - The race would benefit from truly outspoken being in it
  • Barry Penner - He has a personal following that might push him to run, a moderate though once again part of the cabinet
  • Keith Martin - He would be a very interesting person to be in the race, a former Reform MP that is now a Liberal has is personally very popular
  • David Emerson - He may be too damaged from his party hop in 2006
  • Sukh Dhaliwhal - Another sitting Liberal MP.  I have the sense Sukh has bigger ambitions and I can only see Premier as the place for him to go to.
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